Santos' Recently Spudded Chilla Well Encounters Oil

On Feb, 18, Santos Ltd. commenced drilling the Chilla 3A well in the Naccowlah Block, located in ATP 259P in Australia. The well encountered oil shows in the objective Murta Formation.

Wireline logging confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons and permeability. Chilla 3A was cased and suspended as a potential oil producer.

This completed the current Naccowlah Block drilling program.

ATP 259P - Queensland Cooper Basin

The Naccowlah Block and its associated production licenses (PL), which are located in the Cooper Basin of south-west Queensland, cover an area of 3111 km2 (768,740 acres) and contain 22 commercial oil fields. Production in the Block has mainly been from the Late Cretaceous Murta Formation, the Jurassic Birkhead Formation and Hutton Sandstone.

There is considerable undeveloped potential in the Block, both for near field exploration and additional development on existing fields. In March 2007 development, appraisal and near field exploration drilling began in the Naccowlah Block. Since that time 37 wells have been drilled with significant results occurring at Jackson South, Gunna and Naccowlah West.

Participating interests in the Chilla 3A well are:

  • Santos Limited 55.5% Operator
  • Beach Petroleum Limited 38.5%
  • Australian Gas Fields Limited 2%
  • Inland Oil (Production) Pty Ltd 2%
  • Drillsearch Energy Limited 2%