FX Energy Confirms Recent Kromolice Discovery's Commerciality

FX Energy reported that the Kromolice-2 well is a commercial discovery. The gross pay in the reservoir is 35.5 meters (114 feet). Average porosity in the well is 15.1% with a range of up to 28%. Production tests will be conducted later this week and next week to determine the rate at which the well will be produced once a gathering system is in place. Reserve numbers for the well will be calculated following production testing.

David Pierce, president of FX Energy stated, "The Kromolice-2 well will be one of several wells we intend to produce into a central gathering system in the Fences area. We now have four commercial discoveries, Sroda-4, Kromolice-1, Kromolice-2 and Winna Gora, that will provide
the critical mass for this central processing facility. We are now evaluating data on the Sroda-Kromolice trend and other structures in the immediate area to determine where lower risk wells might be drilled that could be brought on line at the same time. Of course, this production will be in addition to the Roszkow well further to the south east in the Fences area where production facilities are currently under construction."

The Polish Oil and Gas Company owns 51% of the well and is the operator. FX Energy owns 49%.