Halliburton Markets 30,000-PSI Perforating Gun for Deepwater Drilling

Halliburton has announced the newest addition to its suite of perforating technologies, designed to enable better well completions and provide operators with access to reservoir targets that are beyond the limits of conventional high pressure technology.

The tool, a perforating gun with a 7-inch outside diameter, can perform at pressures of up to 30,000 pounds per square inch (psi). It is the highest pressure-rated gun system available on the market today at that size and it addresses the need for extreme high-pressure capabilities in large borehole casings, specifically in deepwater environments.

"As existing fields become depleted, operators are increasingly drilling in deepwater reservoirs at higher pressures. Halliburton continues to push itself to deliver precision high-pressure/high-temperature capabilities that allow our customers to reduce their development risks and improve production," said Jonathan Lewis, vice president, Halliburton Wireline and Perforating.

The new high-pressure perforating gun is an impressive addition to the company's already robust line of perforating solutions, building on its leading technologies, tools and techniques to perform in casing sizes larger than 9 5/8 inches at extremely high pressures. Halliburton is also designing additional gun systems and firing heads in varying sizes to operate at 30,000 psi.

"Although there are currently only a handful of these extremely high-pressure deepwater wells in the completion phase, they are prolific producers," Lewis said. "Being first to market illustrates Halliburton's commitment to pushing the limits of existing completion technology by investing in innovative and dependable perforating solutions that will meet our customers' most rigorous needs today and beyond."