Petrolia, Partners Choose Well Site for Haldimand Project

Petrolia Inc., Junex Inc. and Gastem Inc. have completed the interpretation of the 3D seismic data acquired last October and have selected the next well location on the Haldimand petroleum project.

This new well will be drilled with the following main objectives:

  • To evaluate the Devonian sandstones encountered at depths between 950 and 1,100 metres in the Petrolia Haldimand No. 1 discovery well, but in a position structurally higher than at the discovery well.
  • To evaluate the two sandstone beds encountered at depths between 710 and 830 metres in the Petrolia Haldimand No. 1 discovery well. Oil shows were recorded in these two sands during the drilling of the discovery well, however, these zones were not tested. Results to date indicate that these sandstones could represent a second, shallower oil reservoir.

This new well is forecasted to be drilled to a total depth of 1,100 metres subject to results from the drilling operations. A surface lease has been signed with the land owner and site construction should start soon. The partnership forecasts that drilling operations at this well will commence after spring breakup, subject to the receipt of necessary authorizations, surface access and availability of a drilling rig.

These operations are part of the delineation program of the Haldimand oil discovery as reported in Stockwatch on July 8, 2008. A major phase of this program was the completion of a 13-square-kilometer 3D seismic survey in October, 2008. These seismic data were acquired on a grid covering and centred on the Petrolia Haldimand No. 1 light oil discovery well. A surface soil geochemical survey, involving the analysis of 200 soil samples, was performed on the same grid and was completed in October, 2008. In parallel with these two surveys, a detailed petrographic study of the Gaspe sandstones was presented to the project partners. All of this new data were processed, integrated and interpreted during the months of November and December, 2009.