Petrobras Taps Schlumberger for Pre-Salt Reservoir Research, Devt

Petrobras and Schlumberger, a French-American technology and solutions provider for the oil and gas industry, have signed a technological cooperation agreement for pre-salt reservoir research and development.

Four research projects were negotiated:

  • Electromagnetic technologies to improve deep reservoir characterization;
  • seismic data analyses technologies, also to improve reservoir characterization;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance technologies, aimed to characterize complex reservoirs;
  • and H2S electrochemical sensors.

Additionally, six other projects are still under negotiation. The agreement will be in effect for three years, and can be renewed for an equal term. Petrobras foresees it will invest some $10 million in the projects.

The project portfolio established pursuant to the technological cooperation agreement between the two companies will lead to the deployment, in 2010, of the Schlumberger research center in Rio de Janeiro, on the Fundao Island.

This center will be part of the company's technological excellence network and is the first to be deployed in the Southern Hemisphere. The excellence network is composed of 13 centers located in several countries, such as Norway, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Singapore. According to Schlumberger executive director, Antonio Ferreira, the technological center is expected to open some 300 jobs for Brazilian technicians.

To Petrobras' E&P director, Guilherme Estrella, commented, "It is very important for Petrobras to make strategic alliances with renowned companies of the likes of Schlumberger, particularly considering the challenges that will surface when the company kicks its activities off in the pre-salt.

"Today means a lot to us and to Schlumberger. In five or ten years we will realize how important this day was to us," said the director.