AGR Field Operations Sets Up Shop in Houston

AGR Field Operations has expanded globally and has announced the opening of a new office in Houston. AGR already has a significant customer base in this region, and with the opening of the Field Operations office they are able to expand their product line to both existing and new customers.

Field Operations Americas Inc will offer Technical Integrity Management and NDE fleet of upper level ultrasonic techniques. This includes unique microwave reflectometric examination of nonconductive materials for inspection of pipelines including flexible risers, process equipment and structure in petroleum, marine and aerospace industry. The office will provide state of the art technology and solutions for the customers, utilizing advanced Inspection methods and equipment, operated by highly trained personnel.

"Field Operations' strategy is to focus on our core product lines, and grow as a global company. Establishing a Houston office is important due to this overall strategy, and I look forward to seeing this expansion of our business moving forward," said Mr. Age Landro, EVP AGR Field Operations.

The Gulf of Mexico is considered to be one of the world's most important areas for producing oil and gas. Houston is the headquarter of many large operating companies and numerous independent operators, and many of the oil activities aimed at Western Africa and the Southern America runs from Houston.

Field Operations provides unique technology and engineering solutions for equipment and plant integrity, inspection, maintenance management, operation and subsea services. All our solutions are designed to support best practice for our wide range of global customers.

"We have earned a reputation for providing highly-competent and experienced teams of engineers, technicians, supervisors and managers, who combine rigorous professional skills with outstanding service levels. We pride ourselves on strictly upholding personnel safety, equipment integrity and production level, and look forward to providing the same quality of service from the new office in Houston," added Mr. Landro.