Northern Petroleum Kicks Off Seismic Survey in 6 West Sicily Licenses

Northern announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Petroleum (UK) Limited, has commenced 2D seismic operations in its six West Sicily thrust belt licenses G.R17.NP, G.R18.NP, G.R19.NP, G.R20.NP, G.R21.NP and G.R22.NP, and also in its permit C.R147.NP off Pantelleria Island in the Sicily channel.

A total of over 2500km of seismic data will be acquired in these licenses, with over 2000km covering the West Sicily thrust belt and approximately 500km in C.R147.NP. The survey is expected to last about six weeks.

The seismic acquisition in the West Sicily licenses is part of the work program to being funded by Shell Italia as part of the farm-in arrangement announced in December 2008. The aim of the survey is to obtain a better definition of the substantial leads identified in the previous seismic campaign.

A contract for the acquisition program has been signed with Bergen Oilfield Services ('BOS') and the data is being acquired using the vessel 'BOS Angler'.