InterOil E&P Adds to South American Production

InterOil E&P's average production in January 2009, compared to the average production in December 2008, for Peru was 6,438, versus 5,790. In Colombia the average production for January 2009 was 2, 415, versus 2,546 in December 2008. Total production for InterOil E&P in the two South American countries was 8,853 in January 2009, versus 8,336 in December 2008.


The production is average daily production (bopd) and is working interest before royalty.

The increased production in Peru is a result of the promising new wells recently put on production. In January 2009, we acquired most
of the new 3D seismic in the Mirador area. Several of the production wells needed to be shut down in order to maintain a seismically quite
area. One of the main producers was also shut in for work over.

Oil has been sold at average sales price of US $42.53 in Peru and US $33.18 in Colombia per barrel during December.