Blue Parrot Energy to Test 3rd Well in Washington State

Blue Parrot Energy's subsidiary, Rival Resources, has received its third permit, NO. 503, BB2 Wildcat, from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for the purpose of testing the potential for natural gas in SW/4 SW/4, Section 22, T39N, R2E,W.M. Whatcom County, near the town of Ferndale, Washington.

Bill Elligson, President of Blue Parrot Resources Inc., said that he is very pleased to have received its 3rd permit NO. 503, BB2 Wildcat, testing for the potential of natural gas from Washington State department of Natural Resources. Bill Elligson said that it is in keeping with our business strategy of building operations within selected areas. As well Mr. Elligson said that he is expecting permit No. 4 for additional testing of Natural Gas in Washington State and that it is expected to arrive in the next few days.