Russia's Tatneft Underscores Production Operations for January

OAO Tatneft has issued an operational update for January.

Oil Production

Tatneft produced 2,180,048 tons of crude oil in January with the above-the-plan production amounting to 35,515 tons (101.7%). The best results were achieved by NGDUs (Oil and Gas Production Boards) Nurlatneft (102.4%), Leninogorskneft (102.1%), Bavlyneft (102.0%). The amount of 2,186,000 tons of crude oil was delivered with the above-the-plan delivery amounting to 101,590 tons.

The production of the oil companies in the Republic of Tatarstan amounted to 2,735,417 tons of crude oil or 100% versus the level of January in 2007.


The total penetration in January 2009 amounted to 54.6 thousand meters: 50.3 thousand meters for Tatneft, including 46.8 thousand meters of production drilling and 3.5 thousand meters of exploratory drilling; 3,3 thousand meters for the affiliated companies of Tatneft, including 0.2 thousand meters of production drilling and 3.1 thousand meters of exploratory drilling; and 1.0 thousand meters for the joint ventures and independent oil companies, including 0.7 thousand meters of production drilling and 0.3 thousand meters of exploratory drilling.

22 wells were constructed and handed over to customers and out of this amount 12 wells were constructed for Tatneft, including 11 production wells with a number of exploratory wells amounting to 1; 1 exploratory well was drilled for the affiliated companies of Tatneft with 0 production wells penetrated; 9 wells were constructed for the joint ventures and independent oil companies, including 6 production wells and 3 exploratory wells.

47 crews of OOO Tatburneft Management Company performed well drilling operations with application of traditional drilling techniques.
Seven drilling crews operated in the Samara District. 3.3 thousand meters were penetrated outside the Republic of Tatarstan. 9.5 thousand meters were drilled in horizontal and multilateral wells.

The penetration per one drilling crew amounted to 1,163 meters in January.

3 drilling crews of TNG Lenburneft performed drilling with application of conventional drilling techniques.

3,155 meters were penetrated in January with 1,660 meters drilled for Tatneft and 1 well was handed to NGDU Leninogorskneft. One crew was drilling a well for OAO Gazprom in Krasnoyarsk Area, while another crew was drilling a well for NGDU Leninogorskneft and one crew performed drilling for Bitech in the Orenburg District. One drilling crew performs rigging up operations of the slanted drilling rig at Ashalchinskoe bituminous field of NGDU Nurlatneft for drilling to the bituminous deposits.

12 crews are engaged in drilling lateral and horizontal wellbores with 9 of them drilling horizontals and laterals for Tatneft and 3 crews for outside enterprises in the territory of the Orenburg District. 2,812 meters were penetrated with1, 564 m penetrated and 5 wells handed over to Tatneft.

Workovers and EOR

685 well remedial operations were performed in January 2009. The workover operations were performed at 140 wells, including production string sealing in 26 wells; shutting-off individual layers and recompletion in other intervals in 26 wells; transfer of the wells into different categories and wells completion for injection in 6 wells; failure liquidation and cleaning of the electrical cable and bottom hole areas in 22 wells; physical well abandonment and re-abandonment in 2 wells. 31 wells were worked over with application of coil tubing, including 18 wells worked over through the annulus.

Formation hydrofracking operations were performed at 7 wells. The cumulative incremental recovery amounted to 2,460 thousand tons. One slim hole was drilled and completed for Tatneft in January 2009. Drilling of two wells is on the way in NGDU Almetyevneft.

Works on oil recovery enhancement were performed at 103 wells, including chemical treatment methods applied at 60 wells.

The incremental oil production resulting from application of the enhanced oil recovery methods amounted to 443 thousand tons in January 2009 with the chemical methods accounting for the production of 218 thousand tons.

OAO TATNEFT is one of the largest companies in the oil and gas sector of Russia. Tatneft Company performs its major activities within the territory of the Russian Federation.