Seismic Ventures Unveils Latest Geomodeling Tech Application

Seismic Ventures continues to enhance its innovative technological services to oil and gas exploration companies seeking risk reduction in a volatile economic landscape.

The newest tool in Seismic Ventures' state-of-the art toolkit is VisualVoxAt™ by Geomodeling Technology Corp. This workflow-oriented application is the fastest and most robust 3D visualization tool available for Windows®. VisualVoxAt integrates visualization, calibration, interpretation and advanced analytical capabilities, according to Hank Saunders, Seismic Ventures' vice president.

"Geomodeling's VisualVoxAt enables Seismic Ventures to better visualize data and quickly identify the attributes that impact hydrocarbon distribution, as well as greatly reduce decision-cycle time, optimize reservoir assets, and increase well accuracy," Saunders said.

"VisualVoxAt will enhance the valuable services that Seismic Ventures provides to its customers," said Mike Odell, Chief Executive Officer of Geomodeling Technology, "It will allow the company to go beyond the interpretations that can be achieved with conventional systems alone."