Nexus Nabs Production License for Crux Liquids Project

Nexus has been offered a Production License designated AC/L9 in relation to the Crux liquids project in the Browse Basin, offshore Western Australia. Nexus and its joint venture partner Osaka Gas Co., Ltd have been notified of the intention to grant a production license by the Delegate of the Joint Authority of the Offshore Area of the External Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

The license, upon grant, would have an indefinite term and apply to the entire area previously defined by the AC/P23 exploration permit covering the Crux field and the Auriga and Caelum structures. The award of the Production License is the final regulatory approval milestone to permit sanction of the Crux liquids project.

Participants in Production License AC/L9 (on grant):

  • Nexus Energy WA Pty Ltd 85% (operator)
  • Osaka Gas Crux Pty Ltd 15%