Empyrean Goes Fishing at Sugarloaf Prospect

Empyrean Energy Plc, the oil and gas explorer and producer with assets in Germany and the USA, provides the following update on operations on the Sugarloaf Project which is part of the Sugarkane gas and condensate field.

Empyrean has been advised by the Operator Texas Crude Energy Inc (TCEI) that on February 2, 2009, the well remains at a measured depth of 15,685 ft.
A short length of the drilling assembly became stuck between the casing shoe and top of the Austin Chalk and standard fishing operations are presently under way. Once resolved the forward plan is to run and cement a production liner at this depth which will secure approximately 3,000 ft of horizontal hole within the Austin Chalk.
The well continues to exhibit indications of gas charge, with gas readings of 2,000 units and flares of up to 60 ft observed when circulating out the well following shut in periods.
The well is targeting the upper chalk interval that has produced gas and condensate in Block A and also the Kowalik-1H well.
Empyrean has a 6% interest in the Weston-1H well.