Seismic Ventures Taps SMT Kingdom's Modeling Tech

Seismic Micro-Technology

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT), the leader for Windows™-based geoscientific interpretation software, announced that Seismic Ventures, Inc. has purchased SMT's KINGDOM 1D Forward Modeling (1DFM). Seismic Ventures is the first company to acquire 1DFM, which interactively models lithologic and reservoir fluid properties to show the effect on seismic traces and tie geology and seismic. This module, fully integrated with KINGDOM, is the first major offering to provide easy to use AVO Modeling and Fluid Workshop capabilities in one place.

Commenting on the announcement, Seismic Ventures Vice President Hank Saunders said, "In today's market of low oil and gas prices, it is important to utilize the most advanced risk reduction technologies available. Seismic Ventures continues to invest in the most innovative seismic processing technologies that will reduce our client's risk of exploration."

Seismic Venture's use of 1DFM will enable the company to further enhance its modeling services and provide clients a comparison of real and synthetic seismic data to make geological inferences from the data. The resulting model from this analysis can be iteratively changed to accurately match real seismic data.

"SMT recognizes the need to provide our customers with the most advanced capabilities to better serve the oil and gas exploration and production industry," said Bill Stephenson, SMT's Vice President of Sales, Americas. "Seismic Ventures is known for innovative seismic data processing technologies that help clients drill smarter -- now with SMT's 1DFM, Seismic Ventures will gain additional insight of stack and pre-stack seismic data for better interpretation and modeling."

In addition to offering the industry's newest lithologic and fluid composition modeling technology from SMT, Seismic Ventures' toolkit also includes advanced AVO and direct hydrocarbon analysis, as well as frequency and amplitude-based attributes.