CETCO Completes Fluid Treatment for Lomond Platform, Erskine Pipeline

CETCO Oilfield Services has successfully completed a major contract with BP to treat fluids onboard the Lomond platform resulting from the de-watering of the Chevron-operated Erskine pipeline.

Based in Aberdeen, CETCO Oilfield Services water treatment division specializes in the removal of hydrocarbons, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from oilfield wastewater streams produced during oil and gas operations, transportation, and storage.

Deploying its CrudeSorb® technology, a patented water treatment system that contains an adsorption media based on resin, polymer, and clay technology, CETCO successfully treated a total volume of 3900 m3 of fluid onboard the Lomond platform, reducing hydrocarbon content in the fluid to less than 30 parts per million (ppm).

During the project, fluid coming in to the treatment system contained up to 100ppm. Samples taken after treatment showed the inlet fluid had been reduced to levels as low as 2ppm.

The success of this operation allowed BP to maintain compliance with overboard water quality regulations and discharge the fluid directly back into the sea.

Eliminating the need for shipping waste to land for onshore disposal meant the operator minimised the costs and logistics associated with waste disposal and in turn reduce its carbon footprint.

Euan Morrison, general manager for Eastern Hemisphere of CETCO Oilfield Services said the project highlighted the positive environmental impact that CrudeSorb has in the disposal of treated fluids offshore.

"We developed CrudeSorb to provide the industry with a system that was exceptionally efficient at removing hydrocarbons from waste water streams in an offshore environment," he said.

"As the Lomond field is a gas condensate reservoir, there is a greater propensity for hydrocarbons in the water which comes from the platform's separator. Therefore this water cannot be pumped straight into the sea without further treatment.

"In this project we were able to apply the technology to a dewatering activity involving the recovery of seawater and quantities of gas condensate from the Erskine pipeline by treating liquids entering the HP separator vessel on the BP Lomond platform. The separation within the HP separator vessel could not be guaranteed due to inconsistencies in the liquids and slugging in the pipeline. Our technology allowed BP to deal with these liquids in a safe and efficient way without harm to the environment.

"BP's commitment to good safety and environmental practice was a key factor in the success of this operation and we worked closely with the operator and its North Sea partners to plan and manage the operation successfully."

CETCO is the global leader in the provision of cost effective, technologically advanced environmental systems designed to treat a variety of oilfield waste streams for the oil and gas industry.