InterOil Confirms Deeper Reservoir at PNG's Antelope

InterOil has successfully drilled an additional 820 feet (250 meters) of reservoir from 8,071 feet (2,460 meters) to 8,891 feet (2,710 meters) in the Antelope-1 well. This brings the total vertical section in the well to 3,156 feet (962 meters).

Current operations are to complete wireline logging and testing of the newly drilled reservoir section in order to establish the lowest known hydrocarbon base in the Antelope structure.


  • Total depth is 8,892 feet (2,710 meters) which is an additional 820 feet (250 meters) to pre-drill estimates.
  • A total reservoir section of 3,156 feet (962 meters) has been drilled.
  • As previously announced, DST#1 flowed gas at a rate of 13.1 million cubic feet of gas per day.
  • Net to gross pay is over 90%, with average porosities to date at 8.8%.

The forward program is to log the newly drilled portion of the wellbore and run a vertical seismic profile (VSP) with the well under pressure. Following completion of logging, the Company plans to run drill stem tests (DSTs) on the lower sections of the wellbore and other zones of interest indentified on logs. This process is designed to: 1) tie the wellbore directly to seismic data, 2) evaluate the newly drilled section, and 3) determine the level of the lowest known hydrocarbons, if not yet encountered by the extended drilling program.