CorrOcean Wins Deepwater Subsea Sensor Contract

CorrOcean has been awarded a U.S. $750,000 contract by Cameron Offshore Systems, for the provision of its high-accuracy digital subsea SenCorr sand erosion (SE) sensor systems. The sensors will be deployed on the subsea trees for a major project offshore Nigeria, located in over 4000 feet water depth. The project will include an FPSO vessel tied to 24 subsea wells.

Dave Rees, president of CorrOcean, Inc. in Houston said "This award follows several others over recent months to CorrOcean for its innovative sensor technology to be deployed on various world class deepwater projects. These have included SenCorr contracts for combined Sand Erosion/Pressure/Temperature (SEPT) probes and Dual Redundant Pressure/Temperature (PTPT) probes, for subsea corrosion monitoring using our proprietary FSM (Field Signature Method) technology, for topside sand erosion and corrosion monitoring on installation process pipe work, and for steel catenary riser (SCR) response modeling"

Øystein Narvhus, CorrOcean ASA president, added "The SenCorr system represents state-of-the-art measurement technology, integrated for cost-efficient installation and operation, and brings the benefits of digital 24 bit A/D data conversion, offering high resolution, most important to operators' ability to detect small changes. The specialized sand erosion ER probes directly measure the erosive effect of solids in the flow. For long tie-backs and process systems, sand monitors are crucial tools in minimizing the risk of flowlines or vessels filling with sand. Probe data are combined with CorrOcean's proprietary erosion model to predict erosion in any critical pipe component. Knowing likely sand erosion rates at various flow rates, the operator can also optimize production rates."

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