Hexion Boosts Customers' Production Capacity with New Proppant Facility

The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Specialty Chemicals has announced the opening of a new production plant for its line of ValuBondTM resin coated proppants in the Oklahoma City area.

ValuBond is a curable resin coated 40/70 mesh sand designed specifically for waterfrac applications. These economical new proppants serve as an ideal replacement for uncoated sands. While they are competitively priced, they offer many of the same technological advantages of our other Stress BondTM (SB) proppants.

"Hexion has been producing and selling ValuBond 40/70 for approximately one year and the product has proven to answer our customer needs in the appropriate application and price point to fit their requirements in the waterfrac arena," said Jerry Borges, Vice President of OTG. "We continue to introduce new technologies coupled with additional capacity to enable our customers to meet the market demands in the unconventional gas markets."

These proppants are recommended for waterfracs at closure stresses between 4,000 and 7,500 psi (28 – 52 MPa) and bottom-hole static temperature up to 250 degrees F (121 degrees C).

ValuBond provides:

  • Higher Fracture Flow Capacity -- Improved Post Treatment Well Production
  • Lower Fines Generation and Migration -- Higher Long-Term Fracture Flow Capacity
  • Proppant Flowback Control -- High Production Rates and No Wellbore Cleanouts
  • Stress Bond Technology -- Bonds Under Closure Stress and Temperature

The new plant, dedicated exclusively to ValuBond, is located in Oklahoma City, OK and began production in January. Lynn Loman, OTG's Area Manager for the Mid-Continent and Permian Basin, said, "I am excited to commission this plant to provide additional capacity, at an economical price, with the best possible logistics for the waterfrac market. This plant will add an annual production of approximately 100 million pounds of resin coated proppant to help Hexion alleviate some of the shortages experienced by our customers."

This is one of several projects in Oilfield Technology Group's plan to further increase production and distribution capabilities in an effort to meet the proppant demand of our customers. Hexion is planning future expansions in Texas, the Rocky Mountains, and Canada to meet anticipated market needs.