Universal Well Site Solutions Completes Testing for Gas Field Technology

Universal Well Site Solutions, the leader in full-service automated and wireless well-site production solutions for CBM, shale gas and low pressure traditional gas projects, has completed comprehensive field testing and announced the market availability of its proprietary well-site manager, the UniSkid™.

An industry advance designed to replace old processes and provide instant CBM well-site hookup, with all equipment communicating immediately, the UniSkid is a breakthrough in gas field plug-and-play technology. It cuts set-up time and ensures operators reliable, real-time information that is the foundation for increased production and profits.

"The UniSkid is designed from more than a dozen years of actual field experiences, not in an engineer's test area," commented Cathy Conner, Chair and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Universal Well Site Solutions.

The UniSkid platform allows customers to determine what additional well site equipment they would like to include in their design. Separators, gas measurement, water measurement and communication devices are primary options owners can include in their customized UniSkid.

"We work with your engineers or field personnel to define a fully customized product that will ensure the least cost alternative for installation, portability, communications and functionality," said Conner. "Our products have always been known for their durability and long-run-time life in the field."

All UniSkids are fitted with an Operator Interface that can be manually programmed. Communication antennas are another skid option to enable information transfer from the well-site to an operator's computer anywhere in the world. The UniSkid is a low-cost, profit-maximizing alternative to old well site trenching, integration and installation of equipment that has historically required individual set-ups and costly project management on site.