E.ON Expands LNG Activities in Equatorial Guinea

E.ON Ruhrgas will become even more closely involved in a project for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. The company has signed an agreement for the development of gas infrastructure.

This is the prerequisite for achieving the planned second LNG plant in that country. Among other things, the agreement envisages a consortium comprising Sonagas, E.ON Ruhrgas, Union Fenosa gas and Galp Energia participating in drawing up a gas master plan for Equatorial Guinea and thus promoting the commercialization of gas reserves -- not least for future exports -- in the Gulf of Guinea.

"We are proud that we are now assuming a leading role in the project. The systematic expansion of our LNG business will make an important contribution towards security of supply for our markets," said Dr. Jochen Weise, member of the E.ON Ruhrgas Board of Management responsible for gas supply.

Africa accounts for about 8 % of the world's proven gas reserves. At a time of global competition to secure limited energy resources, it is particularly important to tap that potential. In sub-Saharan Africa, Equatorial Guinea is an important energy supplier alongside Nigeria and Angola. The country has appreciable gas reserves and already possesses an operational gas liquefaction plant.

LNG, which is transported by tanker, is increasingly important for European gas supply. Its current share of about 10% in EU27 gas supplies is expected to rise to roughly 18% by 2020.