Gazprom's Management Committee Considers Offshore Field Development Plans

The Gazprom Management Committee took notice of the information regarding Gazprom's participation in the offshore field development.
The Management Committee authorized the specialized subdivisions with the following tasks:

  • to elaborate and submit to the Company's leadership the amended Program for Gazprom's activities aimed at hydrocarbon resources development on the Russian Federation shelf until 2030;
  • to proceed with the activities related to bringing onstream the top-priority fields on the Russian Federation shelf: the Prirazlomnoye oil field in 2011, the Shtokman gas and condensate field in 2013 and the Kirinskoye gas and condensate field in 2014;
  • to keep on the preparation of the resource base for the Gazprom offshore projects abroad;
  • to prepare an offshore projects staffing plan;
  • to continue cooperating with the concerned ministries on the government support measures when developing Russia's shelf;
  • to prepare materials for reviewing the issue -- on Gazprom's participation in the offshore field development -- at the Board of Directors' meeting.