Reflex Marine Launches Personnel Transfer Capsule

Recognized global experts in marine personnel transfer, Reflex Marine, launched its revolutionary TORO personnel transfer capsule last night (Jan. 21) in Aberdeen, Scotland at the same time announcing the unit's first sales. The launch celebration at the Maritime Museum, followed a demonstration at Woollard & Henry, Aberdeen, which highlighted the product's significant benefits and allowed attendees to take a ride in the TORO.

Following purchases by Chevron and BG Group, the crew transfer device will soon be operating in the North Sea and North Africa respectively. Exceptional levels of enquiries have also been received from operators around the globe, including the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and USA. The Aberdeen launch and demonstration was the first leg of a world tour which will see similar events taking place in key growth areas such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi and Houston.

Following close consultation within the industry, the company set out to develop a low cost transfer device, which maintains high levels of passenger protection and operational performance, established with earlier designs. A highly intuitive ride experience was achieved by applying ergonomic design principles, more commonly associated with the automotive industry. This process allowed the unit to be optimized for safety and ride comfort, whilst providing greater weather capability than any freestanding transfer device.

The TORO can carry up to four passengers, protecting them from side impact and heavy landings and is buoyant and self-righting. The protected body position and seat design allow it to be used without seatbelts (subject to company policy and local legislative requirements) and facilitates fast loading and unloading of personnel. Reflex Marine prides itself for having developed the most rigorous testing and verification program applied within the industry, which was used to validate the performance of the new device. Certified with CE marking and ABS Type Approval, the TORO fits into a standard shipping container, providing significant logistical benefits.

Philip Strong, Managing Director of Reflex Marine said, "We developed the TORO in response to extensive dialogue with our customers and the project made full use of our 10 years intensive focus in this area and the support of our industry partners. The initial response of clients had been most encouraging, with client's commenting very favorably on both the design and the price. We are confident that this will be seen as a ground breaking product.

"Safe marine personnel transfer is of the utmost importance to us. We believe the TORO will increase the overall adoption rate of higher specification crew transfer equipment globally and protect more workers from unnecessary injury."