Williams' Discovery Offshore Gathering System Returns to Service

Williams Partners announced that the 30-inch mainline of the Discovery offshore gathering system has been repaired and is back in service following damage sustained from Hurricane Ike.

Discovery's offshore gathering system sustained the damage in September, when an 18-inch lateral was severed from its connection to the 30-inch mainline in 250 feet of water. The offshore gathering system had not been accepting gas from producers since being shut in prior to Hurricane Ike.

The 30-inch mainline is now delivering 150 million cubic feet per day (MMcfd) of production, which was its approximate volume prior to the hurricane.

The damaged 18-inch lateral remains offline while repairs are being made, shutting in approximately 30 MMcfd of production. The lateral is expected to be repaired and placed back into service by mid-February.

Williams Partners owns 60 percent of the Discovery system, which includes an offshore natural gas gathering system, as well as the Larose natural gas processing plant and Paradis fractionation facility. Neither onshore facility was seriously damaged. Both have been processing gas from third party sources since September. Williams operates the Discovery system.

Williams Partners' previous fourth-quarter 2008 guidance for the expected financial effect of hurricane-related damages and downtime, as stated in its press release on Oct. 10, 2008, is unchanged.