Particle Drilling Technologies' Senior VP Steps Down

Particle Drilling Technologies announced that Thomas E. Hardisty, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, has resigned from the Company. The effective date of his resignation will be January 23, 2009. Mr. Hardisty will be joining Kerogen Resources, Inc. ("Kerogen") as its Vice President of Business Development & Land. Kerogen, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a privately held energy company.

"We would like to thank Tommy for his years of service and many contributions to our organization," said Jim B. Terry, President and Chief Executive Officer. "A majority of Tommy's professional background is in the exploration and development side of the energy business, thus his new role is a natural transition. We wish him all the best in his new position."

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce costs and to focus Company resources on the technical side of the business, the Company does not plan to fill his position at this time.