Northern Petroleum's Dutch Production Rates Could Double in Late '09

Northern Petroleum's wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Petroleum Nederland B.V., ("Northern") has now analyzed the results of the hydraulic fracturing ("fraccing") of the gas reservoirs at Wijk en Aalburg and Brakel. The results suggest that the planned combined initial production rates for later in 2009 could be more than doubled.

In late 2008 production preparation workovers and fraccing operations were conducted on the Wijk en Aalburg and Brakel gas wells. After a period of clean-up at even higher flow rates at Brakel to recover excess fluids and proppants injected during the fraccing operations, sustained flow rates were measured:

  • Wijk en Aalburg - 6.0 mmcfd over a 48 hour period on a 28/64 inch choke
  • Brakel - 15.8 mmcfd over a 20 hour period on a 44/64 inch choke

The Brakel flow rates were much greater than any previous predictions. The downhole pressure measuring instruments have now been recovered and current analysis of the results means that production could be initiated and sustained at rates towards the upper limit of the gas plant designed capacity around 11 mmcfd. Only after a period of production will it be possible to make a more precise assessment of the reserves with a view to revision.

The levels of petroleum liquids per unit volume of gas recovered during testing were also higher than anticipated.

The license interests are held:

  • Northern 45%
  • EBN 40%
  • Dyas B.V. 15%