Louisiana Offshore Oil Port Halts Operations

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port or LOOP has temporarily suspended operations at its Louisiana Gulf Coast terminal due to Tropical Storm Bill. A spokesperson for the port said that the marine terminal has been shut down and there are no offloading operations because of high winds and seas. Currently, there are no plans to evacuate personnel from the terminal. There are several tankers at anchorage waiting for the storm to pass before unloading their crude. The offshore terminal is located approximately 20 miles offshore Louisiana and can offload approximately 1 million barrels of crude per day from tankers. The port should resume normal operations within 12 hours of the storm's passing.

As of Monday afternoon, Tropical Storm Bill was located approximately 20 miles south southwest of Morgan City, Louisiana and had sustained winds of 60 mph, just short of a hurricane's sustained winds of 74 miles per hour.

Apache and Devon Energy evacuated personnel from some facilities because of the storm. Oil and gas companies often evacuate those who aren't needed to keep production flowing from the rigs even when the weather isn't bad enough to completely shut-in their wells. Shell and BP have both said that they have experienced minimal impact from the tropical storm.