BOS Relaunches World's First 'Geophysical Toolbox' Vessel

Bergen Oilfield Services (BOS) has relaunched the BOS Angler, the world's first "geophysical toolbox" vessel. With the trend for combination and on demand exploration tools required by our clients, the BOS Angler is one of the BOS solution to an growing industry demand.

E&P companies realize that to achieve the best prospect imaging solution, a combination of new and proven existing exploration tools are required. The BOS Angler coupled with the BOS team are ahead of the game in delivering bespoke solutions to global exploration challenges. Not just seismic, not just better seismic but a combination of exploration tools to deliver data and images for exploration success
Following a successful upgrade the BOS Angler is equipped for multiple streamer surveys and prepared for OBS and other seabed operations. BOS Angler is a DP II Ice Class survey vessel and is already attracting interest for work in Arctic and other northern exploration latitudes.

BOS CEO Karstein Rod commented, "We are extremely pleased to see the third seismic vessel delivered in less than a year by BOS and our maritime partners, Stad Offshore Management. Our strategy "from steel to seismic image" and our integrated and fully owned services from maritime operations to data processing, has proven its success and we are all exited about the continuation."

BOS Angler is the latest vessel to join the growing BOS Fleet -- all vessels are owned and manage by Bergen Oilfield Services AS.

To date BOS 2D & 3D operations have achieved the highest levels of operational performance courtesy of our very experienced seismic crew base.