Saratoga Tests Positive, Connects Well at Louisiana's Grand Bay Field

Saratoga has announced the successful test of the 21B sand and first production from the GPLD A#191 well in Grand Bay Field, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The well encountered 36 pay sands with a combined net pay of 674 feet. This is the Company's first new well drilled since the July 2008 acquisition of the Harvest companies. The Company has a 100% working interest at Grand Bay with more than 17,000 acres held by production. Saratoga's fourth quarter 2008 development program is now contributing a combined 338 BOPD (barrels of oil per day) plus 4,644 MCFPD (thousand cubic feet of gas per day) of additional net production at Grand Bay, which has reached a new production milestone of 1,644 BOEPD (barrels of oil equivalent per day) net to the Company.

The GPLD A#191 well tested in the 21B sand between 12,160-12,184 feet MD (measured depth) or 10,496-10,562 feet TVDSS (true vertical depth subsea). The sand tested on January 5th, 2009 at a stabilized rate of 2,494 MCFPD, 171 BOPD plus 413 BWPD (barrels of water per day) through a 15/64 inch choke with FTP (flowing tubing pressure) of 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and SITP (shut-in tubing pressure) of 5,700 PSI and is currently producing to Saratoga’s Grand Bay production facility.

Management Comments

Willard Powell, Saratoga’s Senior Development Geologist, said, "The GPLD A#191 well is Saratoga's first new development well at Grand Bay since the acquisition of Harvest mid-year and is an exciting culmination to our 2008 development program. With so many behind pipe reserves uphole in the 191 well, we are contemplating a dual completion as well as future acceleration well options. Only three of the sands encountered in the GPLD A#191 well were previously recognized as Proved Undeveloped Reserves prior to the drilling of this well."

Monnie Greer, Saratoga's Senior Reservoir Engineer, added, "Log analysis suggests 60 feet of net pay with average porosity of 20.4% and average water saturation of 45.2% for the 21B sand, which has never previously produced in this part of the Grand Bay Field. Average porosity for the 36 pay sands encountered is 22.1% with average permeability of 109 millidarcies and average water saturation of 46.6%."