BJ Services Opens New Pipeline Inspection HQ in Houston

BJ Services Company has expanded its U.S.-based pipeline inspection services by opening a new facility in Houston, Texas. The 20,000 square-foot facility, which is exclusively dedicated to providing pipeline inspection services, represents an expansion of the operations and data analysis services in the United States, and will further complement the services supplied by the pipeline inspection services operation center in Calgary, Alberta, for the past 20 years. The new location will enhance support for continued growth in the U.S. market, providing strategic operations and data analysis for all of the company's pipeline inspection operations throughout the region.

"The new base in Houston demonstrates the company’s growth and commitment to providing unparalleled service to all of our highly valued pipeline inspection services customers in North America, while acting as a central hub from which continued business development efforts will be carried out in the United States," said Dave Latto, BJ Services, technical sales manager -- U.S. Region. "The expansion of our operation in the U.S. allows us to bolster support for the North American market from two full operations bases, further improving our access to customer locations and retaining our true service-oriented roots."

The facility features offices for administrative support, sales and marketing, data analysis and operations personnel, as well as a large maintenance workshop and warehouse that house a comprehensive suite of specialist pipeline inspection equipment. A full complement of state-of-the-art pipeline inspection equipment will be based permanently on-site, including the new fleet of combo tools featuring the high-resolution capabilities of BJ Services' industry-leading VECTRA™ magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and GEOPIG™ tools.

The larger facility strengthens BJ Services' position in the pipeline inspection market. It is close to current and potential customers, complements the existing capabilities of the base in Calgary, and will facilitate the company's ability to respond more rapidly to the needs of its pipeline inspection Latin America customers. Customers can be served by either location, allowing for flexibility depending on the project location.

"Having a major presence in Houston makes it possible for us to provide a broader, more complete service package to our clients in the region, both offshore and onshore," said Lindsay Link, BJ Services, general manager -- Process and Pipeline Services. "We will be working in cooperation with the company's process and pipeline services operations centers in Houston, Farmington, New Mexico, and Casper, Wyoming, to offer comprehensive inspection services and turn-key pipeline services," he added.