SMOE to Install ProAnalysis' Argus OiW System on Halfdan B Platform

The Singaporean contractor SMOE has placed an order with ProAnalysis AS for a three-point Argus® Oil in Water (OiW) monitor system to be installed at Maersk Oil's Halfdan B processing platform in the Danish sector of the North Sea. The OiW monitor system forms part of the Halfdan Phaze IV Project, for which SMOE in Singapore has the EPC contract.

The three-point Argus® Process Oil in Water monitor system comprises three in-line OiW measurement probes connected to one control unit. One measurement probe operates at atmospheric pressure and the other two at higher operating pressures. The simple multipoint design -- connecting several in-line probes to one control unit -- offers significant cost benefits compared to buying three separate Oil in Water monitors.

"Our Argus design has once again proven its competitiveness," said Gunnar Alfheim, Managing Director of ProAnalysis. "The UV fluorescence measurement principle combined with our in-line probe design provides premium quality at competitive prices. We are confident that Maersk and SMOE have made the right choice."

Argus® is a technology for on-line Oil in Water monitoring developed by ProAnalysis, for application in water treatment process monitoring and discharge monitoring in the oil & gas industry. The technology is built on UV fluorescence -- a robust and stable measurement principle. In addition, the unique in-line probe design with ultrasound-based self-cleaning facilitates low maintenance and minimum life-cycle costs.