Gazprom to Reach European Markets Through Alternate Pipelines

In light of its continued gas dispute with Ukraine, which has resulted in Russia's obstructing its gas supply to Europe, Gazprom has issued a statement concerning its commitments to its European consumers.

Gazprom believes that Ukraine has not respected an existing transit contract and has been siphoning off Russian gas "illicitly."  Therefore, the company has decided to halt gas deliveries to the entry point of the Ukrainian gas transmission system "until Ukraine has provided guarantees of gas transit in full volume." 

Gazprom insists that it will "take every single step to meet its export commitments" and will increase gas deliveries via Belarus and the Blue Stream pipeline. 

However, according to an analysis by Dow Jones Newswires, smaller countries of Southeastern Europe are especially vulnerable because the majority of their gas imports come through Ukraine, which reportedly supplies as much as 80% of the gas from Russia to Europe.