IDS Implements DataNet2 Reporting Services for Upstream O&G Industry

IDS, the largest provider of web-based reporting services to the upstream oil and gas industry, has announced the worldwide implementation of DataNet2. The powerful suite of reporting tools is set to transform upstream reporting and data management. DataNet2 is a wide-reaching operating system that will improve the speed and efficiency of innumerable roles both on and off the rig site. In a financial climate where cost-effectiveness is imperative, the new technology will allow real savings to be made.

DataNet2 utilizes the technological advances of Rich Internet Applications and the Web2.0 environment to make the vital activity of upstream reporting quicker, simpler and far less frustrating. Based around a concept of centralized reporting, DataNet2 eliminates the costly but commonplace 'doubling up' of work, by removing the need to re-create records and re-input data. Upstream data to be quickly acquired, managed, shared, viewed, analyzed and delivered across the web or via a network, with full support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each of the DataNet2 tools can be used as a standalone item or in conjunction with the others to provide an over-arching system. All are built on the 'Rich Internet Application' platform and offer data management features that were previously only available in a spreadsheet -- in-place editing, drag-and-drop selection, instant on-screen sorting etc -- all within the web browser. None of the IDS products require dongles or a charge per seat, just an internet browser and log-on details. DataNet2 is also able to share data with any WITSML-compliant companies, building much of the DDR and DGR directly from WITSML sources creating a valuable time saving at the rig site and a first for the industry.

Reuben Wee, Chief Technology Officer for IDS, said, "The concept of centralization is key to DataNet2. We aim to eliminate many of the time-consuming elements of reporting and to make it easy to share and analyze data. The latest advances in technology have enabled us to make the whole reporting process much more straightforward and intuitive. DataNet2 shows real savings in time, money and frustration with immediate effect."

The nine tools available under the DataNet2 banner cover all aspects of upstream reporting and allow for a synthesis of activity:

DrillNet -- drilling reporting services
DrillNet is the first on-line, WITSML-enabled drilling reporting service which offers an intuitive user interface supported by powerful analysis/reporting tools and a fully integrated search engine. A comprehensive activity coding system coupled with a powerful data analyzer and built-in search engine means data and documents can be instantly recovered and analyzed.

CostNet -- AFE and cost reporting services
The CostNet service has the capacity to handle unlimited main and supplementary AFE's and multiple currencies at the line item level. Up to six linked account codes may be used for each line item to handle vendor codes, partner codes and mandatory government codes.

GeoNet -- geological and wireline reporting services
GeoNet provides the wellsite and town-based geologists with detailed lithology, gas, shows and Wireline/MWD/LWD reporting. Full MDT and pressure analysis is also available. Fully integrated with DrillNet, in locations where both services are used, more than 50% of the DGR is built directly from the DrillNet database.

ProNet -- completions and well-intervention reporting services
ProNet is dynamically linked to a sophisticated and well-proven CSD ('Completions String Design') drawing package integrating the IDS established site-reporting services with on-line drawing and visualization capabilities of CSD -- an unheralded level of flexibility and access.

SafeNet -- HSE and lessons learned
Comprehensive reporting of every aspect of the operational HSE environment including tracking of STOP cards, spills, accidents/incidents etc. A sophisticated 'Lessons Learned/ Unwanted Events' package captures valuable knowledge that would otherwise be wasted.

VisNet -- data visualization and analysis services
A simple GIS UI allows users to zoom and select wells quickly from multiple locations. A range of 'slider' filters allows further focussing of source wells via water depth, spud date, total cost, etc. Time, cost and HSE queries -- both within and between wells -- can be run with results set output to an interactive charting tool.

StockNet -- inventory management and asset-tracking service for operators
StockNet seamlessly tracks the movement of booked assets and rentals from the vendor's warehouse to their usage at the well-site or return to source. A built-in file manager allows users to attach documents at the line item level which will stay with that item throughout its service life while a simple ‘document wizard’ allows users instantly to build manifests, POs, load-out lists etc

TrackNet -- customized equipment tracking for service companies
TrackNet allows total logistical planning with the ability to effectively and accurately forecast what is needed, where and when. It has been designed as a single point of storage and can even advise on the condition status of individual items, thus minimizing the chance of delivering un-serviced tools.

TourNet -- Electronic IADC reporting and 'contractor's morning report' application
Approved by the IADC, TourNet is a secure, stand-alone application that allows for fast, secure and efficient reporting of all IADC drilling data, personnel lists and payroll details. A common database means that it is fully integrated with the IDS 'Contractor's Morning Report' and other IDS performance and time-tracking tools.