Aker Kvaerner Wins Caspian Sea Contract from BP

Aker Kvaerner's subsidiary, Kvaerner Process Systems (KPS), has been awarded a contract by BP on behalf of the Shah Deniz partners, for the Shah Deniz condensate and gas field in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea.

The contract covers technology, design, engineering and delivery of key components for a gas process plant in Azerbaijan. Project Management, Engineering and procurement will be done in Norway in cooperation between KPS and Aker Kvaerner Engineering (AKE) with assembly and construction to be done on site in Azerbaijan using local companies.

Pre-engineering will start immediately and be followed by detail engineering and procurement. Follow-up of equipment deliveries and assembly in Baku will last through 2005.

The MEG Regeneration and Reclamation technology is a KPS patented process for cleaning the anti-freeze solution used when transporting gas in pipes on the sea floor. It was originally developed for Statoil's Asgard Field in the Norwegian Sea.

Monoethyleneglycol (MEG) is a product added to the gas flow at the offshore platform to avoid hydrates in the pipelines. The hydrates are crystals formed in high pressure and low temperature gas flows, which have not been treated/processed prior to transportation. The hydrates may form and clog the pipelines. Monoethyleneglycol added to water will prevent hydrate formation clogging the pipelines on the same principle as anti-freeze in a car radiator. MEG will be separated from the gas and cleaned for water, residues of hydro carbons, different salts and particles. The pure monoethyleneglycol is returned to the platform in a separate pipeline for reuse.

The MEG processing is central to all gas plants with sub-sea transport of unprocessed gas. This applies both to Asgard B where the wellheads are located at subsea satellites with long pipelines in to the central platform, and for Shah Deniz where the wellheads are offshore with pipelines going to an onshore processing plant.

Using MEG for hydrate inhibition is becoming the industry standard in Norway and is planned to be used for the Snow-white and Ormen Lange developments, and abroad including projects in The Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico and other areas.

MEG is a costly medium and large volumes are in circulation. It is therefore important to have a high recovery rate and high quality MEG treatment plants. KPS has designed an excellent product/system. The delivery of a MEG module to Asgard B has been an important reference for the design of an equivalent system to BP for the Shah Deniz onshore plant being almost equal in size.