Alliance to Provide Engineering Services for Williams Pipeline Projects

Alliance Engineering is providing engineering services for eight pipeline compressor station projects for the Williams Companies.

The multiple projects include a station expansion for the Williams-operated Gulfstream pipeline in Florida, as well as compressor stations in South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. These stations include a variety of compressor and driver types, including the installation of a 42,000 horsepower electric motor-driven compressor unit. The project in-service dates range from late 2009 through 2011.

Alliance President Norb Roobaert stated, "These projects will allow us to apply our fit-for-purpose station design expertise to a wide variety of configurations and horsepower requirements, which in turn will allow Williams to increase pipeline capacity while maximizing facility operating efficiencies. We are honored that Williams selected Alliance for this work, and excited to be working with the Williams team to successfully complete these developments."