Sentry Petroleum Wraps Up First Seismic Stage in Australian Basin

Sentry Petroleum announced that MBA Petroleum Consultants, a leading international consultancy for the assessment of hydrocarbon exploration assets, has completed the first stage of Sentry's seismic data interpretation program.

Dr. Rajeswaran, Sentry Petroleum President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "MBA has completed loading and quality check of the seismic data. We are now ready to commence a detailed interpretation of the data. MBA's work represented a major undertaking for several reasons, in particular because of the amount of seismic data provided to them. We are very pleased with their work and commend them on their efforts."

Rajeswaran continued, "We have made a preliminary amount of data available to an independent geophysicist. A detailed and thorough interpretation of the loaded data will commence in the New Year. As gas was previously discovered and produced at the Gilmore Field immediately adjacent to our properties we are confident that additional drillable prospects will be mapped."

Australia's Adavale Basin contains source, reservoir and seal in a variety of structural habitats and includes middle devonian reefs which are prolific producers in other basins worldwide. Proximate discoveries at Gilmore and Kenmore totaling 15 billion cubic feet of gas and 6 million barrels of oil respectively. These successes speak to the prospectivity of the company's permits.