Grenland Group to Deliver Deoxygenation System to Cheveron's Tahiti

Grenland Group ASA has signed a contract with Chevron, USA to deliver a complete Minox deoxygenation system to be installed on Tahiti platform.

Tahiti is a major field development in deepwater Gulf of Mexico, located about 140 miles offshore and 190 miles south of New Orleans.

The system will be delivered to Chevron early 2011. The processing capacity of the Minox system is 100,000 barrels of water per day and is the latest generation of the technology.

Interest in Grenland Group's Minox Deoxygenation system comes in response to several factors. With the current tight energy market, more oil companies are considering water injection in the reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery. Many of the projects are in deeper water where the compact and lightweight modular system lends favorably to platform structural limitations.

In addition, the Minox system is both environmentally friendly and flexible with regards to design and oxygen removal capacity. The oxygen is removed from the injection water in order to reduce corrosion in equipment and pipe systems, and to prevent growth of unwanted bacteria in the oil reservoirs.

So far, near 30 Minox systems have been delivered to installations in the North Sea, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia and West-Africa. The Minox technology from Grenland Group is unique since the oxygen level in the water is efficiently removed without the use of chemicals. The systems are also very compact and lightweight compared to systems from other suppliers.

Recently a Minox system was implemented on Shell's Ursa platform, located 130 miles southeast of New Orleans. This system has worked very well from day one, with measured results far below the required 20 parts per billion oxygen in the injection water. The system is also the first Minox Antifoam Free System in operation.