Production to Return to Normal at Elgin/Franklin Fields

Total expects production from their Elgin/Franklin complex in the North Sea to return to normal by Monday afternoon after resolving some technical problems. On Friday, the company said they expected production to commence on Sunday after repairs to some pipework on the topsides had been completed and a pressure test was carried out. Drilling problems at the Franklin field have also been resolved, but production from Franklin will probably not start until Tuesday after some heavy lift operations have been completed.

Production from Elgin has been reduced by approximately one-third of normal capacity since June 12th. Production is expected to increase to 10 million cubic meters from 3 million cubic meters Monday. The smaller Franklin Field is linked to Elgin, and Elgin must be at full production for gas to be shipped from Franklin. At full capacity, the combined production of the Elgin and Franklin fields is about 140,000 barrels of condensate and 15 million cubic meters of gas per day.