Packers Plus Achieves Major Milestone with 1000th Installation

Packers Plus

Packers Plus hit a major milestone for 2008 - 1000 multi-stage completion systems in Canada this year alone.

"We performed our 1000th job in Canada on December 4," said Canadian Business Unit Director Doug Bobrosky. "On that day, we performed seven jobs in several formations including the Bakken, Shaunavon, and Dunvegan. On a regular basis, we are working in four provinces and more than 10 different formations, and to me that demonstrates how diverse and versatile our technology is."

The multi-stage completions technology was introduced to the marketplace in the summer of 2002 and has completely transformed the oil and gas industry in a very short period of time.

"Packers Plus invented the StackFRAC(R) multi-stage completion system and in the six years since we have been operating the system, we have seen the technology change the way wells are completed in a variety of formations across Canada," said company President Dan Themig. "We believe that completing 1000 installations in one year is very significant, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience in this area."

The story of multi-stage specialized isolation systems started with a napkin and a flight to Texas. President Dan Themig drew some concepts for the ideal multi-stage frac tool to be used in oil and gas completions. He presented several different ideas, one of which the customer loved, and began developing this revolutionary technology.

Today, Packers Plus has employees in 20 offices in Canada, the United States, and in several other countries. The company is working in rock formations such as the Bakken, Shaunavon, Cadomin, Muskwa, Cardium, Montney and many others. In addition to work in Canada and the United States, Packers Plus also operates in West Africa, Mexico, Middle East, China, Europe and Argentina.