Petrobras Launches Second Emergency Response Vessel

Last week, the president of Petrobras, Jose Eduardo Dutra attended the official launching of Norsul Marati, the second vessel in the country purpose-built for the responding to emergencies due to oil spillage.

As a result of the excellent experience with Astro Ubarana, a similar vessel which has been in service for two years protecting operations at Guanabara Bay, Marati will remain on the alert in the coast of Sergipe, where Petrobras maintains 23 production platforms and a set of buoys for ship loading. The new vessel will also able to shift to attend emergencies in other areas in the region in which the company operates. The main characteristic of this type of vessel, 55 meters length, is that it remains with crew aboard and sailing 24 hours a day.

With a crew of 16 persons, Marati is able to remove from the sea up to 300 thousand liters of oil per hour. For this job, it counts on four new-generation skimmers, besides 400 meters of contention and absorption barriers, three support motorboats, 15 floating tanks and high power searchlights for nightly operations.

Marati as well as Ubarana are part of Petrobras Excellence Program in Environmental Management and Operational Security (Pegaso). Later this year a third vessel is expect to enter into operation, Rebelo XV, destined to reinforce the security at Sao Sebastiao Terminal, on the coast of Sao Paulo, as well as in other facilities of the company in the South region.