Odim Secures Offshore Supply Contracts Totaling $5.4MM

ODIM has secured Offshore Supply contracts worth a total of NOK 38 million for systems due to be delivered from late 2009 to the beginning of 2010. These deliveries include two ODIM AHF units for K-line, which is building at STX Norway Offshore (Langsten), and an ODIM LARS for an international subsea customer.

The ODIM AHF is a unique anchorhandling frame which simplifies work on the aft deck of an anchorhandling vessel, as well as enhancing its efficiency and safety. Among its benefits, this solution reduces the maximum load on an anchorhandling/towing (AHT) winch by more than 50 per cent when recovering rig anchors over the stern roller.

ODIM is working on several unique and complete solutions which satisfy requirements for improved crew and equipment safety, greater efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and increased utilisation of offshore service vessels.

"The oil companies are setting new and stricter standards for safety," observes John Olav Kopperstad, head of ODIM's offshore supply business area. "That is driving the introduction of new handling solutions which allow the most hazardous operations to be remotely controlled and automated. We were an early provider of such solutions, and have established an industry standard on modern anchorhandling vessels through the sale of 17 ODIM AHF units."

The ODIM LARS is an automated launch and recovery system for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) which can operate in water depths down to 4 000 meters.

"With 56 such systems sold, we've secured a solid position in the most demanding and advanced sector of this market," said Kopperstad. "Depending on vessel type and size, many traditional launch and recovery systems are restricted in their ability to function in poor weather. The ODIM LARS utilizes active heave compensation to operate in very tough weather conditions, and feedback from customers indicates that it extends the operational window substantially."