Pemex Awards Construction Contracts for Akal Platforms

In an effort to counter the decline of production from the country's main oil field, Cantarell, Pemex has issued four contracts for the construction of workover platforms as well as auxiliary services to achieve greater secondary recovery.

Faced with the need to drill new wells to maintain production, Pemex Exploration and Production said it requires the installation of new templates, bridges; systems and service platforms near the Akal-GP, Akal M, R-Akal, Akal-I, Akal-lkl, and Akal, Akal-TM-M areas of the field.

The benefits of installing these new structures include: sustaining current production levels of heavy oil and associated gas; mitigates the impact of production declines in the Cantarell field; and enable the development of a plan that will maintain production levels.

Contracts were issued to American Building and Equipment, Inc.; ICA Fluor Daniel; Construcciones Mechanical Monclova, and the last tender went jointly to CICSA, SA de CV  andCARSO Infrastructure and Construction Co.