Oilennium Launches New Learning Management System for O&G Industry

Oilennium announced the launch of its new Learning Management System (LMS), an online education program that offers a vast array of interactive training tools that maximize user retention. Designed especially for organizations operating in the oil and gas industry, the LMS is customized for employees undertaking programs of study to learn new skills and hone existing ones in order to adhere to employer standards of practice and advance their careers.

Customized Programs Deliver

Users can log-in from anywhere in the world to access the LMS, which instantly connects them to interactive courses, instructional movies, animation, audio clips, colorful visuals, documents and more. “We can integrate any type of learning tool our clients require, whether it’s an interactive animated quiz or a video that demonstrates how to run coiled tubing. Our primary objective is to enhance every employee’s learning experience so that they learn effectively and efficiently,” said Kevin Keable, Managing Director of Oilennium Ltd.

Monitoring Progress from Afar

Oilennium consults with every client to assess specific employee training goals, with a view to delivering the information in such a way that by the time they complete the course or module, the participant has gained a solid foundation in the subject matter. Because participant comprehension is continuously monitored via a series of interactive knowledge review tests, clients rest assured that their employees are absorbing the information as they progress.

Study modules can be easily uploaded as Sharable Content Object Reference Model - or SCORM - compliant files. SCORM is the body of standards and specifications used by the web-based e-learning global community. By adhering to these standards, the LMS backend system is able to monitor and record user progress as they work their way through the program. For the user, it means that they can fit their studies around their work schedules. For example, if they are working on an exercise online, but are pulled away from their studies unexpectedly, they can simply pause the module.

To motivate participants, certificates of achievement are generated to award them for successfully completing a program of study. These certificates become a permanent part of the employee’s record in their individual user area, and are available to the employee should they be required to produce them. In addition, the LMS is always available as a quick reference when the need to review methods or practices arises.

For training managers, it means that they can monitor employee progress from anywhere in the world. They simply log-in from any internet-connected PC for “at a glance” access to every participant’s record, as well as consolidated data that offers an overview of what is currently being delivered by the LMS. For example, managers can see the types of learning that employees are undertaking, and pass rate levels. In addition, managers can create programs of study that are designed to further develop employees’ competencies throughout their careers.

Beyond Study Programs

In an effort to offer clients and their employees even greater value, Oilennium developed the LMS to be much more than an effective way for thousands to study online. The LMS features additional resources so that over time, it evolves into a custom reference library. Users can access equipment user manuals, equipment set-up films, photo archives, and links to specialist personnel within the client’s organization.

Fully Scalable = Unlimited Users

Because the LMS is fully scalable, the system can deliver online education programs for unlimited users so that organizations of any size can reap the benefits. “We appreciate that every client is different, with an individual set of employee education requirements and internal management capabilities,” said Keable. “Bearing that in mind, we work with every client to create a bespoke LMS to meet their specific needs. For the larger organization that prefers to maintain full control of the LMS, we can train them to create the content and manage the system. For smaller to midsize companies, we can create all of the content and manage the system for them remotely.”

Currently, Oilennium is hard at work on Learning Management Systems for clients to support 3,000 and 40,000 employees, respectively.