EMGS Snags Seismic Contract to Rank Prospects Offshore Malaysia

EMGS has been awarded a contract worth about US $7.5 million to use its Clearplay Test service to rank several hydrocarbon prospects offshore Malaysia. The 3D electromagnetic (EM) surveys will start shortly.

Terje Eidesmo, EMGS chief executive officer, commented, "Our services provide rapid, accurate ranking of hydrocarbon prospects in offshore locations. Testing these prospects with EM technology significantly reduces the likelihood of drilling dry wells, which in turn means reduced commercial risk for this repeat customer."

The prospects will be targeted by towing an EM source over receivers placed 1 - 2 km apart in a grid. The wide-azimuth, 3D EM data will then be processed to create resistivity maps and volumes.

"More of our customers are turning to survey layouts where the receivers are placed in a grid rather than in lines, and this trend will accelerate in the future. These 3D EM surveys provide data for the entire prospect, not just a limited part. The result is a much clearer and more complete understanding of the subsurface and an improved estimation of the hydrocarbon volume. This is of great benefit to our customers," concluded Eidesmo.

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