OHM Assesses EM Sounding Impact

OHM Ltd, UK, has completed a series of detailed studies to assess the marine environmental impact of its active electromagnetic (EM) sounding method. "Our EM technique in its latest form is quite novel," said Dave Pratt, OHM's CEO. "So as the leading contractor it was essential that we fully understood its potential environmental impact. We are now able to provide clients with highly detailed information that they can use in site-specific environmental impact assessments of exploration and production activities.

"The results of the independent studies we commissioned have also enabled us to develop operating procedures and survey design criteria which will give maximum environmental protection," he added.

OHM's active EM sounding technique bridges the gap between 3D seismic and exploration drilling. It detects and delineates the resistive subsea layers often associated with hydrocarbon deposits. While 3D seismic identifies the structures that may contain hydrocarbons it does not necessarily reveal their presence. Active EM sounding can confirm the presence of hydrocarbons: the possibility of drilling dry exploration wells is thus significantly reduced as is the need for extensive appraisal drilling.