Halo, Gaylin Team Up to Provide Worldwide Offshore Services

Halo has announced the forming of a strategic partnership with Gaylin International, PTE. LTD. of Singapore. This formation was established at the Offshore Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition in Singapore earlier this month. Because both companies have strong ties to the offshore oil and gas industries, Halo will work with Gaylin to service Gaylin's customers while those customers are operating in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Basin and Gaylin will do the same for Halo in the Pacific Rim region. The agreement will also connect a network of key suppliers to create a stronger global base for all companies concerned.

In addition to this agreement, Gaylin will also supply Halo with their unique heavy-lift cable laid slings and grommets. In the past, Gaylin has firmly established itself as the world’s premier supplier of this heavy-lift assembly. Incorporating years of experience and special proprietary fabrication jigs and assembly devices, Gaylin is capable of producing the largest lifting sling assemblies in the world. Halo will now be able to offer the cable laid slings and grommets to its heavy-lift customers in the Gulf of Mexico and an inventory will be maintained at Halo's strategic Port Fourchon, Louisiana location.

Halo President Ken Ragusa stated, "Gaylin is currently the premier rigging shop in the world today with great strength, experience, a strong reputation and capabilities that are unmatched. I am thrilled to have formed this partnership with Gaylin and am confident that they will help Halo to grow and strengthen."

Gaylin International is a 35-year-old company that is now lead by its Managing Director, Desmond Teo. He and the Teo family have steadily grown their company through a basic philosophy of enhanced capabilities, product innovation and strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

Always looking for opportunities and highly energetic, Desmond Teo commented on the partnership with Halo: "Halo is a young, very dynamic company that is rising quickly under the leadership of its management. With Halo so strategically positioned in the deepwater support base of Port Fourchon and coupled with their outstanding equipment capabilities, we will be happy to work with Halo who will help support our Southeast Asia based customers when they will be operating in the Gulf of Mexico region. I know our customers will be pleased to learn of this development and it is something that all parties concerned will benefit from. The world is a much smaller place today and this type of cooperation is necessary to maintain our leadership position in the industry."