Force Energy to Utilize Satellite Geosensing Technology at Diamond Springs

IDGLOBAL is pleased to announce to its shareholders that G2 Petroleum's Working Interest Partner in the Diamond Springs Prospect, Force Energy, plans to maximize all Wind River Basin opportunities by utilizing Satellite Geosensing technology. Force Energy retained Hawkeye Geosensing to provide high-resolution maps for the Diamond Springs Prospect.

Satellite imaging has introduced new hydrocarbon exploration and recovery technology to the oil industry. A satellite passes over an area identified by the company and acquires the prescribed data. The information gathered by the satellite is then entered into a software program that processes a picture and forms an image based on the amount and intensity of gamma ray protons that are released above the hydrocarbon field. The final product is a map of the identified area indicating various intensities of hydrocarbons present underground. This process will further allow Force Energy's oil and gas experts to identify the most hydrocarbon prolific site to in which they intend to drill their inaugural well.

Everett Gray II, Managing Partner of G2 Petroleum LLC states, "Force Energy has a significant focus in the Diamond Springs Prospect (G2 Petroleum LLC), of which they have committed substantial funds thus far." Gray further added, "G2 Petroleum LLC welcomes IDGlobal as a working interest partner on this potentially substantial oil and gas asset and welcomes the opportunity to work along side both Force Energy and IDGLOBAL on the Diamond Springs Prospect."

About Diamond Springs Prospect: Fremont County, Wyoming

G2 Petroleum LLC of Midland, Texas, holds 3,300 acres of prospective oil and natural gas property in Freemont County, Wyoming. Geological reports provide potentially estimated recoverable reserves of approximately 4.3 Million barrels of oil for the Diamond Springs Prospect. The Northwest, North, and West Diamond Springs are shallow drilling prospects of 200' to 1,100' in depth, with a possible 72 drilling sites between the three locations based on 40 acre spacing.