Blowout and Fire on Transocean Rig 62 Kills One

The blowout and subsequent fire that occurred on Transocean's inland barge Rig 62 during drilling operations late on Tuesday night Rig 62 regrettably took the life of one of the company's employees. The rig is under contract to TransTexas Gas Corporation and is operating off San Leon, Texas in Upper Galveston Bay. Twenty-two people were on board the rig, and 21 people were successfully evacuated. Four persons evacuated from the rig were taken to area hospitals and three have been released. The remaining hospitalized person does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

The latest reports indicate that the fire on the rig has diminished and is presently confined to the mud pits and that the well has ceased to flow. TransTexas retained well and pollution control specialists immediately after the incident and they are currently on site. The latest reports indicate that there are no visible signs of pollution and efforts are underway to extinguish the mud pit fire.

Rig 62 is a posted barge that was built in 1978.