TGS, WAGSCO Open Seismic Facility in Nigeria

TGS and West African Geophysical Seisdata Company (WAGSCO) have opened a secure dedicated facility for data storage, tape copying and seismic processing. Located in Lagos' Lekki Peninsula area, the operation will serve the ongoing needs of nearby state and private sectors in Oil and Gas exploration.

In addition to standard storage and tape copying tasks, the facility offers data recovery from older media formats, data viewing workstations and high-speed communication facilities for online data inquiry and retrieval. The data center is networked to TGS Imaging's processing nodes in Houston, USA and Bedford, England, and is able to perform duplication and integrity checks, data transcription, sub-volume extraction, data split/merges and pre-stack work.

"Our Lagos operation is a best-in-class facility, and serves the growing need for data storage and tape services in Nigeria, as well as localized processing capabilities," commented David Hicks Vice President - Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company. "By partnering with WAGSCO we'll be able to provide the same level of service to our customers in Nigeria and Western Africa that we do in Houston, London and other locations worldwide. In addition, WAGSCO offers an excellent opportunity to develop local knowledge and technology transfer for the Nigerian O&G industry."

The partnership between the two companies combines TGS' quarter century of geophysical data storage expertise and industry-leading seismic processing capabilities with WAGSCO's local operational capacity and market awareness. The data center facility has integrated fire and security systems and protocols to mitigate loss risks. The facility is in compliance with Nigerian government directives regarding data storage.