CGG Completes Girassol Survey Offshore West Africa

CGG recently delivered the results of a very fast track 4D study over the giant Girassol field offshore Angola only 6 weeks after first shot.

The CGG Fohn began recording the 4D or monitor HR survey on December 21, 2002 and completed acquisition on January 3, 2003. CGG's Luanda processing center then performed Very Fast Track processing of the monitor data set and produced a significant 4D difference cube within four weeks.

TotalFinaElf E&P Angola and its partners have been very excited by the results. A clear reservoir signature is visible on the 4D difference and there is a high degree of confidence that valuable reservoir information will be extracted from the 4D signature to help further optimize the development and monitoring of the Girassol field.

The 3D baseline data set was also acquired by the CGG Fohn in 1999. This data set was intensively reprocessed in 2002 in preparation for the current 4D study. CGG is currently using its progressive cross-equalization methodology to process the two surveys in parallel.

CGG Fohn