Petrobras Overviews Latest Fund Raising for $112.4B Business Plan

In the course of its business, Petrobras has been raising funds in the national and international financial market aiming to maintain the solidity and to undertake its investment program as announced.

In addition to the funds raised through the end of October, as widely announced in the Quarterly Bulletin (ITR) under the subsequent event item, we carried out the following operations:

  • $200 million contracted on November 7, 2008 with a pool of foreign banks lead by the BNP Paribas bank, and insured by the Italian exports credit agency SACE (Servizi Assicurativi del Commercio Estero), with a 12-year term.
  • $500 million contracted on December 1, 2008 with Canadian export credit agency EDC (Export Development Canada), with a 12-year term.
  • $200 million with Bradesco, on XX/XX, as a Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) and due in 01 year.

The 2008-2012 Business Plan calls for investments of $112.4 billion, which will be financed via the company's own cash generation and with funds raised in the market. The financing activity is part of the Company's normal and ordinary cash management activities and is regularly divulged in result reports.